You are welcome to Nagra farms, the potato farm in jalandhar

We are famous as 'NAGRA FARMS Jalandhar' for providing top quality seeds to farmars all over india.We are leading producer of quality potato seeds of following varities :-

Kufri Chandar mukhi: - itís ready in 90 days yield more than 100 quintal per acre.
Kufri Ashoka: - its ready in 85 - 90 days yield more than 115 quintal per acre.
Kufri Pukhraj :- its ready in 80 days yield more than 150 quintal per acre.
Kufri Jyoti :- its ready in 80 - 95 days yield more than 90 - 100 quintal per acre.
Kufri Jawahar :- its ready in 80 - 95 days yield more than 120 - 140 quintal per acre
Kufri Suttlej :- its ready in 90 - 95 days yield more than 125 quintal per acre.
Kufri Badshah :- its ready in 110 - 120 days yield more than 120 - 160 quintal per acre.

Year after year, foundation seed of all these varieties are obtained from the relieble source and are multiplied as per the SEED PLOT TECHNIQUE at our own farm under our technical staff's supervision. Expert guidance from the scientists of the Central Potato Research Center, Badshahpur, Jalandhar (India) is obtained from time to time. Our farm is situated at jalandhar, which is known for the best natural agro climate endowments for the production of disease free potato seeds. Every tuber before it is sown at our farm, is carefully selected given fungicidal treatment to prevent any attack of seed borne diseases. Thereafter soil, aopplication of systematic insecticides combined with a number of foliar spray, ensures towards off any dagers of viral infection. All off-type plants are promptly roughed out to give you the best varietal purity. Potato seed thus produced is scientifically cured, graded and stored in our own cold storage under our own supervision and personal care. We always endeavour to produce for you the best Potato seed. We work under the trade mark is NF.