Onkar cold storage. A quality potato storage in jalandhar

Potato is known as a crown vegetable. Seventy thousand hectares of land in Punjab is under potato cultivation .Which is estimated as half of other vegetable cultivation. Potato is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Potato is also used as raw material for eatables like chips, starch, floor etc. Consumption of potato is low in India as compare to European countries and Indian population ratio. As the demand of fast food, snakes, junk food is increasing considerable in India, it is hoped that potato will also reach its desirable position.

12 to 15 quintal of 3.75 diameter potatoes or 8 to 10 quintal of 2.5 diameter potatoes is sown per acre of land. we use top quality and healthy seeds. Sowing of seed is done by semi automatic planter and the space is kept 15-20 CM between plantation and 60 CM between paths.
To avoid the weed a pesticide named stomp 30 ec (pendimethelche) 1 trs is sprayed in one acre of land after a week. Potato grows best when watered lightly and after short intervals. One thing should be kept in mind that paths should not in crse in the water.When potato shown is out of the land the agriculture experts discard away week plants.

After the plant is 70 days old the climber of the plant are cut away so that potato doesn't grow further but its skin gets thicker.Eventually after 95 - 110 days of preparation, sowing and irrigating the prepared potato is yielded from the soil. The crop is kept for 10 - 15 days in the field. Its then graded finally in the shade and packed in sacks to get stored.