Mr. Gurinderjit Singh Nagra. Managing Onkar cold storage and Nagra farms at Jalandhar.

Ph. No.
+91 181 2670502 (Resi)
+91 181 2690860 (Off)
Mr. Gurinderjit Singh Nagra (president punjab cold storage association) is Organiser of 'Nagra Frams' and 'Onkar Cold Storage'. He take essential care to select perfect quality seed and check various upcoming techniques for the proper plantation. The land, soil, seed, plantation and storage is personally taken care in perfect order. Every new invention in field of agriculture is researched properly and implemented. The soil fertility is confirmed by annually testing in laboratories by the researchers. Any problem regarding seeds in any part of India, is sought out by personal intervention and personal visit.

Mr. Gurinderjit Singh Nagra(president punjab cold storage association) in cold store office

Office of Onkar Cold Store
The staff work in friendly and comfortable environment. They take their work as a challenge and leaves no stone unturned to make this field of work a success. Their destination is customer's satisfaction and their perseverance make them the master of their job.
            Any visitor who comes to inquire about the potato seed is properly & friendly dealt with and delivered with all information pertaining the process and production of the crop.