You are welcome to Nagra farms, the potato farm in jalandhar

‘Nagra Farms’ A famous name in Potato seed growers located at vill. Nagra, Kantia, Loharan and Kingra Distt. Jalandhar ,Punjab (India). Potato is known as a crown vegetable. Seventey thousand hectares of land in Punjab is under potato cultivation .Which is estimated as half of other vegetable cultivation. Potato is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Potato is also used as raw material for eatables like chips, starch, flour etc. Consumption of potato is low in India as compare to European countries and Indian population ratio.

As the demand of fast food, snakes, junk food is increasing considerable in India, it is hoped that potato will also reach its desirable position. Punjab, Uttar Pardesh, Karnataka, Madya Pardesh, West Bengal, Gujrat are the leading states in potato production .Jalandhar being rich in climatic conditions for the crops of potato, best quality of seed is produce here. This seed is capable of producing perfect quality and yield, when sown in sand of above said states. As a matter of fact many types of soil is good for potato cultivation but soft, brittle, fertile sandy and soil with good drainage properties is suitable for potato cultivation .We at ‘Nagra Farms’ cater to all these demands by growing the perfect type of Potato seed .

We are kept in touch with all modern techniques of potato growing by the scientists of Central Potato Research Center run by center govt. under their guidance .We start preparing land from June last week.

First step include sowing of lentils when field grows for 7 - 8 weeks the crop is flown back in the soil to decay and produce nitrogen which is most essential for Potato. After the land is ready after flow it is then served with fertilizers 150 kg urea, 150 kg super phosphate, 150 kg potash per acre of land. On the other hand the potato seed is withdrawn from the Cold Store and is dipped in Emission mixed water to prevent it from fungus. After the potato is treated and till it is sprouted, it is kept under the shed. On completion of the preparation, potato seed is sown in the fields by mid Oct.